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NFTs are primed to make an incredible breakthrough in the world of gaming. No clue what an NFT is? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

NFTs are a craze in the current cryptocurrency landscape. People like Beeple, Grimes, and Mark Cuban are jumping in and are already cashing in millions on this digital gold rush. NFTs aren’t exactly new, even if they are generating a ton of buzz. …

A fantastic chess-inspired dungeon crawler roguelike that’s worth your time

Pawnbarian offers a compelling premise, based around the idea of chess as a card game. You navigate around a 5x5 chessboard with a barbarian token, using cards with chess pieces to hack and slash your way through dungeon floors filled with deadlier and deadlier monsters, dancing out of dangerous positions…

Jump into the competition with the best build for Gardevoir, Pokémon Unite’s newest ranged attacker

In July 28th’s latest update to Pokémon Unite, Gardevoir — the newest ranged attacker — joins the growing roster of playable Pokémon in this MOBA take of the franchise.

In this guide, I’ll walk through the best build for Gardevoir including battle items, held items, and move picks to help…

Check out the Classic Constructed decklist I’ve been running in sanctioned Armory events

Guardian is my favorite class in Flesh and Blood. Not only does it satisfy my preferred control playstyle in TCGs, but also it can swing in for truly massive damage with crushing detrimental effects when our attacks hit our opponent.

A great turn for Guardian is blocking aggressively, taking little…

Get a jump on how each of the preconstructed Monarch Blitz Decks plays and how to best make use of the new talent system.

With the release of Flesh and Blood Monarch comes four new incredible heroes and starter decks that include a powerful mentor card only available in this product. While these decks are a FANTASTIC entry point into the Flesh and Blood TCG for new players, the classes and talents themselves are…

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